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More Than Just A Gas Company

Est. 1937

Home is where...

the heart is. We here at Sungas Services know that the heart of our business is you, the customer and your community. 

Living in South Florida has many perks. We have our beaches, nightlife, food culture, amusement parks, and of course our beautiful year-round grilling weather. Anywhere in this "Sunshine State" a common thread is shared from Key West all the way up to Pensacola, the best way to enjoy our weather is go outside and share it with our family and friends. Sungas Services knows how important these moments are and want to ensure that you are able to cherish them, with the ones you love, without the stress of having to plan days in advance around having to pick up a tank of propane.

What if?

All of us here in South Florida know that it is always Grillin' weather. Rain or shine "BBQ Time" is always an option.

We have all been there... the sun starts to shine brighter, the humidity creeps up closer to triple digits and all you want to do is jump in your pool while the aroma of grilled meats and veggies fill the air. You call your closest family and friends to share in a fun and food filled Saturday. You run to your butcher, swing by the market for produce, a quick pit-stop at the local purveyor of fine spirits for your favorite bottle of hooch.  You make it back home with time to prep all the fixings. Then "IT" happens, you go out to check on the temperature of your grill... "I RAN OUT OF PROPANE?!?" You dip your toes in the pool, it is still chilly from that morning’s rainfall... Your guests are ten minutes away, the only establishment where you can trade your tank is fifteen minutes in the other direction... your plans are ruined! What if you never had to worry about having the fuel to allow you to create new memories with you friends and family. Sungas is a leader in residential propane installations. We promise to never have you worry whether you have propane for your grill, pool heater, backup generator, water heater, gas stove, and anything else that you may want to use propane as a fuel for.


Save on energy costs and much more


Have peace of mind that your propane products are in safe working order


Have propane brought directly to you

General Information

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