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More Than Just A Gas Company

Est. 1937

Commercial Services

We here at Sungas Services are proud to have the pleasure of providing the highest quality propane products and services to our South Florida community since 1937.

Sungas Services understands how important it is for a business to have all its moving parts available and in working order. The worst thing that can happen is one of the "gears" stops working, creating a domino effect that can bring your whole operation to a screeching halt. Your forklifts are out of propane and your propane provider is late with your new tanks, it is Monday morning after a particularly busy weekend at your restaurant and your tanks are still waiting to be filled and you have 2 hours left until your lunch rush... These examples could have all been avoided if you had an account with a trusted, local, experienced company like Sungas Services. We know that being late or not being able to fill your business’s propane when you need it can end up hurting your bottom line. We promise to always provide you with the peace of mind that we will service your business without interruption.

What Else Can We Do?

Propane's versatility and cost effectiveness can bring your company unforeseen savings.

Sungas Services is an industry leading supplier of propane and propane related accessories. We here at Sungas equip all individuals from small business owners to multi-national corporations with the products and services they need, while providing proper education on how to safely use their propane products and services. We believe that all our clients deserve the highest level of service and safety and we are committed to providing not just that, but more. We work with all types of businesses. Agriculture, Construction, Hospitality, Warehouse and Storage, just to name a few are industries and business that use propane to alleviate fuel costs and help their bottom line. Explore the rest of our website to learn more about the family and get in touch with any questions that you may have.


Save on energy costs and much more


Have peace of mind that your propane products are in safe working order


Have propane brought directly to you

General Information

Do not know where to begin? Ask us anything you would like.

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